Chart gallery

Finding the most effective way to showcase your data and convey your message can be a daunting task. In the chart gallery, you can browse through different options and find suitable charts for the type of data you have and the attributes and relationships you want to highlight.

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General guidance

The UNHCR Data Visualization Guidelines are practical and easy to follow. They will ensure your charts and graphics are professional, clear and brand–compliant.

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To help UNHCR colleagues to create high-quality, brand-compliant charts and graphics, GDS has created a number of tools, templates and scripts. You can find useful tools to support your data visualization using Excel, Power BI, Adobe Illustrator, R, Python, D3, and for GIS.

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Browse through the collection of storymaps, dashboards and infographics created by UNHCR’s Information Product Development and Analysis unit. Perhaps they can inspire your data storytelling?

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